Say hello to our team

We are a team of EV enthusiasts with great ambitions to deliver easily accessible and cost effective EV charging to millions of residents in cities and towns across the UK.

Liberty Charge is fortunate to be part of the Virgin Media family and the company is our primary delivery partner for all power and connectivity infrastructure. Leveraging its scale, expertise and existing delivery capabilities, and working alongside some of its best civil works and installation contractors, we think we make the perfect team.

We are actively working towards operating on a triple bottom line approach. That means every decision we take also looks at how we can improve the environment, take care of our employees and put something back into our community.

Neil Isaacson

CEO Liberty Charge

With a background of leadership in MD and COO positions in the UK and internationally, Neil brings extensive operational and organisational leadership experience to Liberty Charge. A trained engineer and enthusiastic marathon runner, Neil understands the opportunities and challenges of building long-term infrastructure in the smart energy context. Neil has been involved at the forefront of the UK’s EV charging market development for the last five years and is a regular speaker and chair at industry events.

Shaun Quirk

COO Liberty Charge

Shaun has a background in construction, utilities and telecoms sectors, starting the journey as an apprentice electrician and working through the ranks to his current role. Because of his extensive experience of managing highways based large infrastructure and utilities projects he was targeted by SSE Contracting back in 2015 to be their lead in supporting Bollore who had recently purchase the Source London network from TfL. Having joined SSE Contracting he was involved with the setup of the project from its inception stage and included building the team, processes, programmes and safe delivery of the project. Outside work he has long held an interest in horse racing and a claim to fame is to have bred and owned one of the slowest horses ever to grace the race course.

Mina Zaki

Delivery & Technology

As a trained engineer and with an MBA from the University of Chicago, Mina combines experience in infrastructure portfolio and investment strategy, complex program management and team development. He is a co-founder of Liberty Charge and has been with the company from its inception, helping develop the essential building blocks of the business. Mina has constructed telecoms connectivity and power networks across Europe, Africa and the Middle East meaning no mountain is too high to climb. In his spare time he chooses to go in the opposite direction and is an avid scuba diver.

Cecil Gray

Business Development

As a chartered town planner with an architectural background, Cecil has delivered several award-winning large scale development projects. In recent years, Cecil has been at the forefront of EV charging infrastructure deployment, having worked with local authorities and ChargePoint operators to deliver thousands of public ChargePoints across London. Through his charity work, Cecil’s mission is to try and make our communities better places to live and work. He sees Liberty Charge’s EV journey as a great way of striving to improve lives and deliver on that mission.