Smart Planning

Liberty Charge has leveraged the smart planning experience of our sister company, Virgin Media, alongside the geo-spatial expertise of Loughborough Transport Research Group to refine site selection methodologies and processes. As a result, our teams are able to define the optimum balance between meeting charging needs, minimising build disruption, optimising costs and addressing the requirements of local residents and communities.

Statistical Modelling & GIS Mapping

Hand in hand with Loughborough Transport Research Group and as part of our Innovate UK program, Liberty Charge analysed existing utilisation data and area characteristics to build early adoption profiles. We then used Count and Poisson regression models to define algorithms to identify residential areas with a higher propensity for early EV adoption and future on-street charging needs.

In the Zone

After analysing data from the GIS, we carried out a series of desk-based assessments for site accessibility, taking into account key inputs from local authorities and ChargePoint operators to finalise clusters of potential locations for new ChargePoints.