At Liberty Charge it’s about teamwork and partnerships – learning from each other, sharing knowledge and experience, combining a range of skills to develop new models, agreed standards, and best practice approaches for EV charging. We are in this for the long haul and recognise that in any early stage market there will be lots of participants, each with their own great ideas. Liberty Charge wants to work together to build on these ideas, make them scaleable and fit for purpose for today and tomorrow. If you’re not already working with us, we’d like to talk to you about how we could collaborate and support your plans – contact us today.


Sustainability is the North Star of our journey and is at the heart of everything we do. Liberty Charge provides the crucial infrastructure that’s needed to increase EV uptake. This model will help future transportation become greener and reduce localised pollution. Our pledge is that all the energy provided to ChargePoints by us or by other users of our network, must be green energy. It’s a virtuous circle whereby provision of sufficient, easily accessible, more cost effective charging infrastructure will encourage drivers to buy EVs. This in turn will drive more demand for charging infrastructure – and so it goes on. A win for drivers and for the environment. We are proud to be supporting The Tree Council and will be planting one tree for every socket installed. That means that two trees will be planted per ChargePoint.


Liberty Charge believes that any future public charging infrastructure networks shouldn’t be built piecemeal; the industry must move from installing isolated ChargePoints to building a strong infrastructure that can provide plug and play solutions on an as-needed basis as demand evolves and technology requirements change over time. It’s also a question of scale. Hundreds of thousands of public ChargePoints are required to meet the future uptake of EVs. This requires highly scaleable infrastructure, similar in many ways to that of cable TV and communications networks. That’s why Liberty Charge has partnered with its sister company, Virgin Media O2, which has decades of experience building highly scaleable networks.


As smart energy assets of all kinds become the new norm it will very quickly become less about the power and more about the data required to monitor, control and optimise the use of power and how it impacts the grid. That includes how it meets the end users needs, and how it can be bought, stored and used in the best way possible. All this requires connectivity. Not just any connectivity – highly resilient, secure, real time in some cases and the most cost effective in others, fixed or mobile or both. That’s why Liberty Charge believes the delivery of connectivity infrastructure goes hand in hand with the delivery of energy