Chargepoint Operators

ChargePoint operators (CPOs) are the primary customers for Liberty Charge’s infrastructure, deploying their hardware and software over our power and connectivity connections.

Liberty Charge Funding Model

Liberty Charge’s innovative funding model and ability to build cost effectively and at significant scale enables CPOs to deploy their solutions across towns and cities in the UK in close collaboration with local authorities.

We build close partnerships with ChargePoint operators who wish to operate in the residential on-street sector enabling them to focus on their core expertise and respond to the ever-evolving market.


The eMobility landscape is moving fast, with ride hailing, car clubs and shared transport making a marked impact on residents who live in towns and cities. People are increasingly looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and improve the way they travel. Liberty Charge can meet the needs of Prosumers such as ride hailing organisations and car clubs in a more sustainable, cost-effective way.

From a charging perspective, each group of Prosumers have specific requirements – we can address all of them with our charging infrastructure solutions. We build close relationships with eMobility players of all sizes in order to ensure we understand the broader operational implications of their charging requirements, such as dedicated parking, on-street charging near drivers’ homes, IoT and vehicle connectivity, and adaptable smart charging speeds based on use cases.