Local authorities are the rightful caretakers of the public domain, ensuring that residents needs are met today and in the future, that streets are safe, well ordered and fit for purpose for the foreseeable future. We respect that important role and work collaboratively with local authorities to find the best way of meeting the many and often complex constraints.

Climate Emergency

This affects communities at a local level; that’s why it’s so important that we work towards reducing carbon emissions and pollution, starting today. EV adoption is key to protecting the planet for future generations.

EV adoption is a key part of our journey towards a better future

Through the Innovate UK funded Virgin Media Park & Charge (VPACH) project, we have already partnered with numerous local authorities across the UK. We can share key insights and lessons we have learnt along the way with local authorities that are looking to champion EV in their area.

Read more about VPACH here

Hear From Our Team

The role of local authorities

Elected officials and officers trying to make everything fit together and work… it’s complicated.

The role of Liberty Charge

We bring the CPO together with local authorities to create a network for residents leveraging years of collective experience.