As EV owners ourselves we appreciate the frequent challenges of finding charging points that are easily accessible, cost effective and in good working order.

Over the next decade, hundreds of thousands of public ChargePoints will be required to service the needs of EV drivers, especially those who can’t readily charge at home because they park on-street in cities and towns. This is our mission.

Something for Everyone

EV charging is complicated. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Liberty Charge supports development of all types of charging, whether fast or rapid, overnight or during the day, a short stop on a journey or a charge at home or at the office.

Although our primary focus is residential on-street charging, we work with partners across the value chain to ensure a well integrated network of ChargePoints for EV users’ every need.

We are open to using different types of technology. However, we do set standards to ensure all solutions are future-proof, have the necessary green credentials and are open for everyone to use.