Liberty Charge operates under the Electricity Act as a re-seller of power and can either supply power to the ChargePoint operator or enable self-supply to the MPAN. Liberty Charge is also an OfCom regulated Code Powers operator benefiting from a number of rights in relation to the build and operation of telecommunications infrastructure on public and private land.

Design & Installation

Working closely with SMS Plc, we design and install the required metering, power equipment and cabling to meet the current and future power requirements for each installation. SMS is an Ofgem-accredited meter operator (MOP), asset manager (MAP) and data collector and aggregator (DCDA) that supervises the installation of hundreds of thousands of power connections and meters across the whole of the UK every year.

Distribution Network Operators (DNO)

We take careful consideration of DNO network constraints, grid connections, load balancing and required charging speeds, both in the short-term and longer term. All power supplied to ChargePoints will be green with the necessary Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs).


Connectivity is the glue that binds together all smart energy assets including ChargePoints. It’s the crucial link to customers, EVs, the grid, and the smart street environment. Hand in hand with Virgin Media, Liberty Charge supports the connectivity needs of ChargePoint operators, local authorities and vehicle OEMs.

Our infrastructure will typically have built in-fixed, mobile and wireless connectivity as required to meet the requirements of all stakeholders, both today and in the future. Our focus is on future-proofing connectivity to ensure not just low latency but, just as importantly, resilience and security.

Connecting the dots

  • Chargepoints
  • Customers
  • Electric Vehicles
  • The Grid
  • Smart Street Environment
  • Chargepoint Operators