Liberty Charge works in partnership with Local Authorities, Chargepoint operators and other eMobility stakeholders to help deliver power and connectivity infrastructure for onstreet EV Charging in residential areas of UK Cities and Towns to serve residents without offstreet parking and charging.

Driving innovation

Liberty Global | Virgin Media

We are a joint venture between Liberty Global and Zouk Capital leveraging all the build capabilities and network assets of Virgin Media, a Liberty Global subsidiary. Virgin Media passes close to 16 million homes and continues to build past hundreds of thousands of additional premises every year – one of the biggest ongoing infrastructure investments in the UK.

Zouk Captital | Infrustructure and Projects Authority

Zouk Capital is a London-based sustainable infrastructure and growth technology fund manager. Zouk's distinctive dual-track strategy capitalises on the commercial opportunities created by a global shift to greater resource efficiency, decarbonisation of industries and sustainability. Zouk is the fund manager for the UK Treasury's Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund (CIIF).

On street charging

A proxy for home charging

If we want to reduce pollution for our children and reliance on fossil fuels for our planet then we need to think big and provide charging in a ubiquitous fashion which makes the transition from ICEs to EVs as easy as possible for drivers reaping all the benefits they offer. Hence our goal of delivering highly scaleable infrastructure which provides the foundation for chargepoints to serve the millions of residents in towns and cities who park onstreet and need a proxy for domestic charging that is close to home, reliable and cost effective.

Business model innovation

The Iceberg Model

We believe that by splitting investments above and below ‘the pavement’ new business models can be created that can transform the on-street charging landscape.

We have an open approach to working with parties that have shared values of creating an interoperable, standards based EV charging network, that is accessible for all.

Iceberg illustration showing 20% above the water

Join our journey

Partnership, collaboration and teamwork is the key to delivering onstreet residential EV charging at scale and is part of Liberty Charge’s DNA. From the outset we’ve been fortunate to partner with Local Authorities, Chargepoint Operators, and many other key stakeholders to build our future together.

If you would like to explore partnership opportunities to help your organisation deliver on your EV charging plans then please reach out so we can discuss how we can work together to reach our goals. Please contact the team as a first step:

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